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Spit Klub, is underground Hip Hop stuff for underground Hip Hop folks.

Our mission is to select a thoughtful mix of product and entertainment representing an Underground aesthetic of originality, experimentation, and independence from the norm. The Underground aesthetic can only be seen after the surface has been scratched and as a community we all dig deeper into what Hip Hop means to us.

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SpitKlub Begins

Just some kids in the booth looking to expand our thought. SpitKlub actually started in a home recording studio in San Diego, CA. where a group of emcees would hang out, record, and exchange rhymes.


Spit Klub radio is born

From the booth to the airwaves, well wire waves, SpitKlub started its own internet radio station. It was short lived due to funding but is in the works for a relaunch soon.


SpitKlub store officially opens

Shirts n sheeit are born, SpitKlubs current venture to raise funds to keep the doors open, so to speak.



When SpitKlub started in 2009, the hip-hop landscape was evolving to a different place,

characterized by an overbearing commercial influence. In response, our vision was to promote the underground emcees we loved and share music which was underexposed.

The years on and the collective journey has been epic. Thanks to a dedicated team of contributors, we have been able to connect artists with fans, sharing content which highlights the hip-hop we love. If hip-hop previously lived on the streets, it’s now found a home online, with blogging culture growing to dominate how people search for music. Our current focus as of now is:

  • Underground Hip Hop clothing
  • Emcee apparel
  • Radio in the works
  • And more

We want you to help us to continue to shape its direction, and keep us on the pulse of new music. With attention spans dwindling, it can be difficult for artists to make noise among the herd, yet this exponential growth in content has allowed us to cherry pick the best hip-hop we can find. We want to work with artists and labels that share our vision for quality.

As things push forward, the plan is increase our offering. We run live radio shows, have our own online store, and share daily music videos & audio posts that can find themselves on all corners of the web. If you are an artist or label rep hoping to get involved with us, contact info@spitklub.com and help us to be the connection which enables you to communicate with your audience.


The Team

  • SpitDiggler

    Founder and creator of SpitKlub any email @spitklub.com will actually email…

  • Brad Spit

    Founder and co-creator of SpitKlub any email @spitklub.com will also email…

  • Spitso Maniac

    Spitso is the brains and go to of the operation and…


      This is just some random chick, we have no idea who…



We love what we do

Hip Hop has been our lifeline for many years and we continue our efforts to keep it alive.

Skilled in our craft

We are highly skilled individuals that believe in each others craft.

We'er all in the same bag

We are all in it for for the same reasons.

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